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Wedged in the northwest corner of Broward County, Coral Springs is a 24-square-mile city located just east of the Everglades. Almost 700 acres of the land contains parks. It is a place with few buildings more than a few stories high. Also, with many ordinances limiting signs and landscaping, the city has maintained a fresh-and-clean look that does not bombard its residents with tacky displays and advertisements. It is known for being the first city to build a McDonald’s without including the golden arches.

In the first half of the 20th century, Henry Lyons acquired the marshy lands that now make up the bulk of Coral Springs. After flooding in 1947, canals and levees were built that forced most of the water out, and the land was dried. Incorporated in 1963, the city has more than tripled its population since 1980. The area downtown has been revamped to include a mix of shopping and residential units. “The Walk” is now a popular downtown destination to shop and have fun because of the complex’s design that gives patrons the ability to walk and browse under the Florida sun.

Out of the more than 130,000 current residents in Coral Springs, the median age is not much more than 35 years. That statistic is five years less than the Florida average. Still, more than half of the population is married. Nearly a quarter of the residents speak Spanish, with nearly two-thirds being proficient in English. Overall, women residents slightly outnumber men. Also, Caucasians comprise approximately 70 percent of the total population.

Coral Springs has an unemployment rate that is less than five percent. About 40 percent of all residents who work are in a professional or management position. A third have jobs that are in sales or include working in an office. The city’s Corporate Park is home to some of the city’s biggest employers. This list includes First Data and Alliance Entertainment. Other companies that have offices in the city are Royal Plastics Group and ABB Asea Brown Boveri. In terms of retail, the largest mall in the city is Coral Square. This building has almost a million square feet and contains more than 120 different stores. University Place at City Center is a professional building that is 10 stories high and totals about 200,000 square feet.